Editorial Standards and Promises

We launched SMARTHOME news we wanted to create a site dedicated to what we believe to be the most important and fastest-growing area of tech today – smart home technology! We believe every single home will be a smart home in the future. Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone; in the future, everyone will have an automated home.

Our Promises:

We promise to only ever focus on tech within the home. This way, you know you can trust us as experts in the smart home area.

Corrections and Feedback:

We try our hardest to make sure there are no errors in our articles, but sometimes they simply slip through the net (we are humans after all – well, most of us are)! We are always interested to hear from you about suggested corrections or factual errors that you find on our site, which is why we supply our contact email below.

Review Process and Our Integrity:

We accept products on loan for the process of reviewing that product. We do not receive free products in exchange for positive reviews and we NEVER promise to give positive reviews under any circumstances. Our review process is 100% impartial and relies on integrity. We will always cover both good and bad points of any product – that’s our job!

Sources of Information:

We promise to link to any sources that have been used for our articles.

Amazon associates

We are part of the Amazon associates program. This means although our reviews and guides are 100% impartial we may earn a commission when you click from our site to purchase a product on Amazon.com, co.uk or any other Amazon site. 

Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback or recommendations at: team@smarthome.news