The Ultimate Guide to Google Home and Assistant Compatible Devices

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google home assistant compatible devices
Updated: 20th Dec 2019
Published: 19th May 2019
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By Ricky Harewood

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When Google first made its foray into the smart home scene, there were only a handful of gadgets for its users. But the list has grown steadily over the years, including countless Google and third-party devices.

With the dizzying range of smart home products, it’s hard to figure out which one will work with Google Home and Assistant and which one will not. To make things easier for you, we have created a comprehensive guide of almost every compatible device. Let us take an in-depth look at these gadgets.

Searching for an answer? Here's our table of contents: 

1) Google Assistant Devices:

       a) Google Home

       b) Google Home Mini

       c) Google Home Max

       d) Google Home Hub

       e) Harman JBL

       f) Sony LF-S50G

       g) Mobvoi TicHome Mini

       h) Onkyo Smart Speaker G3

       i) Anker Zolo Mojo

2) Smart Home Hubs:

       a) Samsung SmartThings

       b) Lenovo Smart Display

       c) Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

       d) Wink Hub 2

       e) Logitech Harmony

       f) Vivint Smart Hub

       g) Insteon Hub

       h) HomeSeer HomeTroller Zee S2

       i) Nexia Z-Wave Bridge

3) Smart Lighting:

       a) Philips Hue

       b) Philips Hue Beyond

       c) LIFX Bulbs

       d) Nanoleaf Light Panels

       e) C by GE

       f) Hive Active Lights

       g) Ikea Tradfri

       h) Sengled Element Bulb

       i) Sylvania Smart+ LED Bulb

       j) Eufy Lumos Smart Bulbs

       k) Cree Connected LED

4) Switches, Outlets and Plugs:

       a) TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

        b) Noon Lighting System Kit

       c) Gosund 15A Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

       d) Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug

       e) TP-Link Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug

       f) SmartThings Outlet

       g) Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

       h) Insignia Wi-Fi Smart Plug

       i) TP Link HS 110 Kasa Smart Plug

       j) iHome iSP6 Smart Plug

5) Heating, Cooling, AC and Air Purifier Systems:

      a) Ecobee4

      b) Honeywell Color Thermostat

      c) Nest Learning Thermostat

      d) Tado Thermostats and Smart AC Controls

6) Home Security – Smart Cameras, Smart Doorbells and Smart Locks:

      a) August Smart Lock

      b) August Smart Lock Pro

      c) Nest X Yale Lock

      d) Ring Video Doorbell 2

      e) Vivint Home Security System

      f) Nest Indoor IQ

      g) Canary Flex

      h) Nest Hello

      i) Nuki Smart Lock 2

7) Automotive:

      a) Garageio

      b) Automatic

8) The Best of Everything Else:

      a) GE Café Series Fridge

      b) Whirlpool’s Smart Slide-in Electric Range with Scan-to-Cook Technology

      c) iRobot Roomba i7+

Cheapest Google Home Compatible Devices to Buy (Our Top 6 Best)

Setting up a smart home can seem daunting, but it does not require thousands of dollars. Here are some of the cheapest, best devices you can buy, that are compatible with Google Home.

  1. Logitech Harmony 665 ($32.95)

With one of these universal remote controls, you can control up to 10 devices at a time. It features a classic style and standalone design that lets you use the device without the need for a hub.

In addition to having lots of buttons, the remote is fully backlit and has a small screen to help you navigate. Though it does not control other smart home devices, it is still a cost-effective and performance-based solution to anyone on a budget.

  1. Weber iGrill Mini ($25.19 Amazon)

The Weber iGrill Mini is a smart temperature sensor that babysits your food and alerts you on your smartphone when it’s done. With one of these, you can barbecue like a pro no matter whether you are using charcoal, propane or wood.

Its accompanying app gives you the recommended cooking temperature and time for various dishes.

  1. LIFX Mini Smart Bulb ($22.91 Amazon)

The LIFX Mini Smart Bulb is small enough to fit onto most traditional fixtures without a fuss. What makes this a great bargain is that unlike most other smart bulbs, it does not require a hub to bridge between the bulb and Google Home. Rather, it works directly with your Wi-Fi network out of the box. To illustrate, Hive Active bulbs are cheaper, at $18 a pop, but require $80 hub to work.

At $22.91, you only get one color, white, but you could opt for the Mini Color at $34.99 which is still lower than most competitors compared to its value.

  1. iClever Smart Plug ($14.99 or 2 for $21.99 Amazon)

Not only is this one of the cheapest smart plugs out there but also as clever as it claims to be. With this Wi-Fi outlet, you can control multiple devices using scenes. You can also automate its activities based on such conditions as humidity, temperature, weather conditions and sunrise/sunset.

Using its accompanying app, you can assign devices to rooms and control them from your mobile device. Noteworthy too is the fact that it is slim enough to allow for two plugs to fit on one duplex outlet.

  1. Leviton Decora Smart Light Switch ($44.50 Amazon)

Leviton is among the earliest movers to the smart home space and its smart light switch solution is one of the best and cheapest models available. Offering support for three-way switches, it works well in rooms with multiple switches.

It also has a robust app with plenty of features such as creating schedules and other great features. Dimming functions add to its versatility and best of all, it does not require a hub to connect to your smart home ecosystem.

  1. EZViz Mini O 1080p Security Camera ($39 Amazon)

If you are looking for a discrete yet compact indoor security camera that won’t break the bank, this is your best choice. At only 9cm high, you can mount it on the wall or place it upright.

The camera records high-quality HD footage during the day, with clear and sharp images and has a Micro SD slot to expand storage capacity. Use a smartphone app to view footage and get motion alerts. It also has excellent audio and flexible scheduling options.

The best part about these devices is that they offer great value without breaking the bank. Get the best combination of functionality and value with these devices.

Google Assistant Devices:

Google has released a series of smart home products with built-in support for its AI virtual assistant, Google Assistant. These let you give voice commands to the Assistant, which then acts on them or communicates with other devices in your smart home to get things done. Google Home was the first of such devices, but now there are lots of options to pick from. Take a peek:

Google Home

Connect with Google Assistant over the Home speaker, which sports far-field microphones on top. One of its key highlights is that it can sync multiple devices and play the same song through all of them at the same time.

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a smaller version of Google Home but comes with similarly cool Assistant functionality. Sporting an elegant, pebble-like design, most of its exterior is covered in fabric, and it’s available in coral, grey and black.

Google Home Max

With this speaker, you get to enjoy voice control features over your smart home as well as premium audio quality. It is one of the largest smart speakers in the market, with two 4.5” woofers as well as two 0.7” tweeters inside.

Google Home Hub

When it comes to smart displays, the Home Hub offers excellent value for money. It is a 7” display that sits at a 70-degree angle for optimum visibility. You can access all your smart home controls on its high-resolution screen, talk to Assistant, watch videos and smart camera feeds.

Harman JBL

JBL Link 10 has great sound quality for its size and comes with tons of handy features. In addition to Google Assistant support, other highlights include portability and water-proof design. It’s a great choice for taking smart features with you on the go.  

Sony LF-S50G

This Sony smart speaker packs up a ton of features in an amazingly small package. Not only does it support voice control, but it also has tap-to-connect NFC capabilities as well as Bluetooth support. A splash-proof exterior makes it great for the kitchen or bathroom, and it sports a digital clock too.

Mobvoi TicHome Mini

Though this device comes at a lower price point than most others on this list, it has a lot to offer. This includes a tap-to-connect Bluetooth feature, built-in battery and splash-proof construction.

Onkyo Smart Speaker G3

The first thing you will probably notice about Onkyo is its professional design. Besides its relatively good audio quality, it has a wired LAN input as well as playback controls.

Anker Zolo Mojo

For the budget-conscious smart home enthusiast, this is another great option. In spite of its small size, it packs up a great audio system and amazing clarity. Its sleek build makes it easy to blend the speaker with any décor.

Nexia Z-Wave Bridge

Smart Home Hubs:

Having a ton of smart devices in itself is not sufficient to automate your home. To bring everything together and get them to communicate, you need a smart home hub. Smart home hubs with Google Assistant support will centralize the control of all your smart devices to create a functional ecosystem.

Samsung SmartThings

This is one of the most popular hubs for the Google smart home and for good reason, it integrates numerous devices that use different platforms, letting you make the most of them. Use voice control or operate them from a smartphone app.

Lenovo Smart Display

Choose between a 7” and 10” display screen to enjoy a combination of touch and voice control over your smart home. Not only are the devices eye-catching, but they also offer full interaction features on the screen. Make voice calls and view security footage at high resolution.

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

The SmartThings Monitoring Kit has a more comprehensive solution for your smart home. It consists of a smart hub, a motion detector, two sensors and one smart outlet. With this set, you can control almost everything in your ecosystem, making it a great place to start.

Wink Hub 2

This gadget collects the wireless signals from your independent, smart home devices, allowing you to control them with one app. It sports a sleek design and can use Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Setting it up is easy, and it works with more than 400 devices in the market.

Logitech Harmony

Logitech Harmony is as elegant as it is useful in the smart home. Roughly the size of a Discman, it offers compatibility with home entertainment systems and smart devices. Access its wide range of features via a smartphone app or voice commands.

Vivint Smart Hub

Mount this device on your wall or place it on a tabletop and get visual access to smart home devices. Since it works with Google Assistant, it also offers voice control, letting users conveniently operate a wide range of devices.

Insteon Hub

For the smart homeowner, this hub is a great option when it comes to remote access and control. Use a smartphone app to set schedules, create scenes and get alerts from other devices in its ecosystem.

HomeSeer HomeTroller Zee S2

Depending on the setup of your smart home and familiarity with the concept, HomeSeer offers three variants in its line of hubs. These are high-tech gadgets which more suited to the enthusiast rather than the beginner. The vastly different price points also make them suitable for different budgets.

Nexia Z-Wave Bridge

If you are looking for a gateway into the different smart device ecosystems, Nexia Z-Wave offers that and much more. As a bridge, it can integrate with a wide range of systems to facilitate communication between disparate gadgets. However, the service requires a subscription fee.

Smart Lighting:

Advances in smart lighting technology have brought about a revolution for the sector. Smart homeowners now enjoy automated control over lighting, including adjustments and scheduled lights on/off. With the right devices, they can even leverage energy efficiency features. Take a look at some of the popular solutions in this category.

Philips Hue

As one of the most popular smart lights in the market, Philips Hue is a growing ecosystem of lighting solutions. Use Google Assistant to switch them on and off, dim or brighten the bulbs, change colours. You, however, need a Hue Bridge to connect the ecosystem to Google assistant.

Philips Hue Beyond

Complement your interior décor with this smart LED table lamp. Thanks to its two light sources, from above and below, you can work in optimal lighting conditions. It has numerous colours to pick from and using these; you can create countless combinations.

LIFX Bulbs

The significant advantage this smart bulb series has over most others is that it does not require a bridge to work with Assistant. Featuring 1,000 shades of white, from warm to cool, and 16 million colours, the options are virtually endless.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

Have some fun with your smart lighting system the Nanoleaf way. Modular lighting panels let you create numerous arrangements to customise your space and match the mood. With this futuristic set, your imagination is the only limit.

C by GE

Pair your C by GE colour-changing bulbs with a device from the Google Home range to get voice control over your smart home lighting. Take your lighting to the next level with the smart floodlight or rope lights from the same series. 

Hive Active Lights

This range of bulbs offers different lighting options to suit your preferences. While the entry-level set only has dimming options, there are colour changing varieties higher up in the range to set the mood.

Ikea Tradfri

Keep things simple with the easy to use Ikea bulbs. They are among the cheapest in the whole range of smart bulbs and come in a different design to suit varying systems. Use voice control to adjust brightness, change colours and turn them on and off.

Sengled Element Bulb

Singled is among the smart bulbs that offer energy-efficient features by monitoring electricity use. Choose from an extensive range of white and multicolour bulbs to save electricity and enjoy voice control features.

Sylvania Smart+ LED Bulb

No matter your lighting needs are, there is a Sylvania Smart bulb for you. For them to work though, you will need a ZigBee hub which will then allow you to enjoy voice control.

Eufy Lumos Smart Bulbs

These are among the few lighting options that do not require a hub to work. They are also cost-effective and great for someone who’s just getting started. However, they are still only available in dimmable white.

Cree Connected LED

If you are searching for a pocket-friendly entry point into the world of smart lighting, the Cree range of bulbs might be a great starting point. These are compatible with most smart home hubs and offer a wide array of choice in white colours and brightness.

Switches, Outlets and Plugs:

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

So much more than just a light switch, the Kasa includes voice support, intercom, built-in night light and a motion sensor. Simply press a button to talk to someone in a different room. And since it senses motion, it automatically switches lights on and off even without a voice command.

Noon Lighting System Kit

Each of these kits comes with two switches and one Noon Room Director. It has an embedded touchscreen that can control up to 10 extension switches. As such, you can manage a wide range of lighting fixtures from one central point using voice control or touch.#

Gosund 15A Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

You don’t need a hub to use this smart switch with Google. Not only can you control it by voice but you can also use your smartphone to operate it remotely via an app. You could also set schedules to automate the process.

Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug

The sleek WeMo Mini lets you control appliances as well as lights from anywhere. Its compact design leaves space for a second device on the same socket. Use it to randomise lights when you’re not home and create a schedule for automation.

TP-Link Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Like other TP-Link Kasa devices, this one does not require a hub to operate via Google Assistant. With two outlets, it can support independent control of two devices simultaneously. Remotely turn devices on and off, create scenes and set schedules for optimal automation.

SmartThings Outlet

Make your dumb home devices a little smarter with the SmartThings Outlet by Samsung. It works with a wide range of devices though you need a hub to support voice control. While you are away from home, you can control devices using its app on your smartphone.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Belkin WeMo allows you to control power outlets remotely and even lets you know when a device has been left on accidentally. It also features power consumption tracking, a major boon for the eco-conscious smart homeowner.

Insignia Wi-Fi Smart Plug

With this smart plug, you can control a majority of electrical appliances, turning them smart in an instant. Monitor, schedule and control plugged-in devices in person using Google Assistant and remotely using the Insignia app.

TP Link HS 110 Kasa Smart Plug

Keep track of the energy consumption of various gadgets in your smart home courtesy of the HS 110 smart plug. On ‘Away Mode,’ the plug turns devices on and off to create the impression that someone is home. Pair it up with Google Assistant to enjoy voice control.

iHome iSP6 Smart Plug

When it comes to placing home automation at your fingertips, the iSP6 smart plug is an excellent choice. It is easy to set up and compatible with countless devices including Google Home, making it your ultimate partner. A horizontal form factor means it leaves sufficient room for a second device on the same outlet.

Heating, Cooling, AC and Air Purifier Systems:

Incorporating home controllers and connected thermostats into your smart ecosystem can yield lots of benefits. Not only do you get voice control over the devices, but you could also save on energy costs depending on the solution you pick. Here are some of our top picks and their key highlights:


Energy efficiency and innovative design are among the foremost merits of this thermostat. It can read the temperature in multiple rooms thanks to sensors and will thus manage hot or cold spots. The sensors also detect occupancy and trigger the relevant reaction.

Honeywell Color Thermostat

Honeywell has an impressive collection of intelligent thermostats, and with this piece, you can effectively monitor energy consumption. It can handle up to seven days of programming and personalise your experience. Better still, it learns your routine and maintains optimum conditions.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Among this thermostat’s most outstanding features is the ability to learn your preferences within a week of operations. Once it gets the hang of it, you might never have to lift a finger or your voice again. It also notices when someone is home and responds accordingly.

Tado Thermostats and Smart AC Controls

With Tado’s kits, you can control AC settings across various rooms to suit occupant needs and match prevailing conditions. It tracks energy use and lets you know how much you save monthly. Control it from wherever you are and interact with your cooling system effortlessly.

Home Security – Smart Cameras, Smart Doorbells and Smart Locks:

One of the most convenient and crucial features of smart homes is the advanced security options it has to offer. With these solutions, you don’t have to spend all day worrying whether you locked the doors or not. Fortunately, a majority of them are compatible with Google Home and Assistant. They include:

August Smart Lock

These locks have become a household name as they offer remarkable versatility when it comes to home security. They let you lock and unlock doors using your voice plus a PIN number. Additionally, they offer remote access, allowing you to confirm whether you locked up or not.

August Smart Lock Pro

With this solution, you get all of the above features as well as the added benefit of automated lock and unlock. When you are close to home, your smartphone Bluetooth and the lock communicate and activate the lock to let you in, and when you leave, it locks up.

Nest X Yale Lock   

Bringing together some of the biggest names in home security and smart home, the Next X Yale lock is among the most innovative options. Its keyless design makes it extremely convenient, and you can let people in even while you are away. Give those who matter the passcode and get alerts whenever someone locks or unlocks the door.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Enjoy the convenience of always knowing who’s at the door without having to leave the couch. Ring Video Doorbell 2 goes a step further, allowing you to take its features with you everywhere you go. Always know what’s going on at your doorstep courtesy of system alerts.

Vivint Home Security System

With this combination of devices, keeping your home secure just became a lot easier. Vivint gives you everything you need to cover all your smart home security needs. They include a set of cameras for the indoors and outdoors, smart locks, motion sensors, window and door sensors, and so much more.

Nest Indoor IQ

Intelligent algorithms make this one of the most advanced home security solutions yet. It comes with built-in Google Assistant making it easy to operate it directly using voice. Furthermore, it can tell apart a human being from an object and sends useful alerts about suspicious activities.

Canary Flex

Even though this is not the most feature-rich system on the list, it is still a great choice. Long battery life and portability make it extremely versatile. Full HD ensures that you get top-notch video quality.

Nest Hello

Enjoy double the benefits with Nest Hello, a smart doorbell that also works as a security camera. It is continually recording footage and offers both object and face recognition. Video quality is remarkable, and the device is easy to use.

Nuki Smart Lock 2

This fully-fledged security system comes with a door sensor which warns you if you try to lock an open door, Bluetooth support and a fast processor. It is compatible with a wide variety of smart home hubs and supports Google Assistant.



With this small device, you can now use Google Assistant to open and close the garage door from wherever you happen to be. All you need is a compatible hub that connects the device to Assistant.


Get access to useful data from your car’s diagnostic system using this device. Connect it to Google Home, and you can ask the system how much fuel you have left or your car’s status.

The Best of Everything Else:

GE Café Series Fridge

Google Assistant interacts with this refrigerator through a platform known as Geneva Home. Adjust temperature settings, check device status, confirm if you left the fridge door open and even turn the icemaker on or off without lifting a finger.

Whirlpool’s Smart Slide-in Electric Range with Scan-to-Cook Technology

Just when you thought your smart home could not get any smarter, it turns out you can even automate your cooking process. Simply send cooking instructions using voice control or a smartphone app and let this smart oven do the rest.

iRobot Roomba i7+

Tired of doing house chores like vacuuming? Let the iRobot Roomba handle things as you kick back and relax. Use a variety of commands to start and stop the machine, ask for a status report and send it back to its base.


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