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Cat Genie cat litter box
Published: 21st May 2020
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By Rohan Tandon

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Cat Genie is one of the most magical innovations in the world of kitty litter boxes. The basic premise of this kitty litter box is that you don’t have to touch or scoop this cat little because it’s a self-washing and self-flushing litter box. Not only does this Cat Genie meet all of your cat’s litter needs, but it also allows them to dig, cover, and play around.

Now, you may be wondering how that’s possible. You may also have several questions. Do self-cleaning cat litter boxes really work? Where does the litter go? How does Cat Genie work? And how much does a cat genie cost? In this article, we give you a detailed review of the Cat Genie litter box.

Cat Genie also do an entry-level less advanced version with no app and no A.i.

For more on this version please see the added section at the end of the article. 


What is Cat Genie A.I.?

This is cat genie

Kitty litters are necessary, and we handle them because we love our furry friends. But scooping and scraping poop off kitty litters isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Nor can we simply buy a new kitty litter every time it gets soiled. That’s why the Cat Genie litter box, also known as Cat Genie A.I., is special. This modern piece of kitty technology automatically flushes away all the kitty poop and cleans itself, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

How does Cat Genie work? Do self-cleaning cat litter boxes really work?

How does cat genie work

Yes, as the Cat Genie A.I. proves remarkably, self-cleaning cat litter boxes work really well. To summarize the self-cleaning process, the solid waste gets liquefied, and the liquid waste drains through the washable granules. This process allows both the liquid and solid waste drain into the sewage or toilet bowl, depending on where youve installed the Cat Genie.

You have to control Cat Genie using the button or timer located next to the SaniSolution cartridge. However, you should note that the Cat Genie flushing process takes about 30 minutes, making about as much noise as a washing machine. As such, if the Cat Genie litter box is in your bathroom, you may want to avoid the automatic setup. If the Cat Genie starts off in the middle of the night, it’s likely to wake you up.


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The following is a brief step-by-step description of Cat Genie at work:

  • Kitty uses the Cat Genie litter box.
  • Liquid waste drains away through the washable granules.
  • The Genie Hand, which is a large metallic contraption, runs through the entire litter box. It scoops and turns the solid waste into a liquid to prevent solid particles from getting stuck in the pipes.
  • Freshwater fills the Cat Genie litter box.
  • The Genie Hand scrubs the litter box and washable granules to get rid of all the solid and liquid waste.
  • The SaniSolution cartridge kicks in, sanitizing and decontaminating the entire littler box. It eliminates all of the germs and odors from the Cat Genie litter box.
  • The liquefied wastewater flushes away from the drainpipe into the toilet bowl or washer drain.
  • Hot air blows into the litter box to dry it off.

How do I install Cat Genie?

Cat Genie A.I. is pretty simple to install and set up. In most cases, you can install Cat Genie A.I. DIY-style within 15 minutes. There are two different ways to install Cat Genie — either in the location with the washer or the bathroom. Below, we’ll give you an overview of both the installation processes.

How do I install Cat Genie with the washer?

Cat Genie is quite large, measuring 19-inches wide, 24-inches deep, and 21-inches high. As such, you may not have enough space in your bathroom to install this Cat Genie. If that’s the case, you can install the Cat Genie litter box in your utility room, attaching it to the washing machine.

When the Cat Genie litter box is attached using a washing machine’s water supply and drainpipe, the waste flushes away into the sewage or septic tank automatically. As such, you don’t have to manually handle anything.

The following is an overview of how to install Cat Genie to your laundry setup:

  • Shut the cold water valve OFF.
  • Unscrew the water line hose from the valve.
  • Attach the waterline hose to the T-adapter.
  • Attach the T-adapter to the waterline.
  • Attach the Cat Genie litter box hose to the T-Adapter.
  • Turn the cold water valve ON again.
  • Attach the drainage hose into the washer’s drainpipe
  • Connect Cat Genie to the power outlet.

After the installation, you have two options for flushing the Cat Genie. First, turn it on manually when you need to flush the Cat Genie. Second, set it up to flush twice or four times a day.

How do I install Cat Genie in the bathroom?

Installing the Cat Genie litter box in your bathroom is also fairly simple. Instead of using the larger 3/4” T-adapter, you have to use the smaller T-adapter. The T-adapter fitting has to be connected to the waterline coming into the toilet. The Cat Genie hook up necessitates that you turn the water to your toilet odd while you install the T-adapter.

After installing the T-adapter and fitting, you have to attach the water supply line. The white hose (water supply line) provides water to fill up the Cat Genie washable granules. The beige hose (drain hose) is attached over the edge of the toilet. The wastewater from the Cat Genie will flow through this beige hose and into the toilet bowl.

Unlike the washer installation, installing Cat Genie to the toilet does necessitate a little manual flushing. Once the waste drains into the toilet bowl, you have to flush the toilet as you would for any other waste.

What are the Cat Genie washable granules and SaniSolution cartridge?

sanisolution cartridges and washable granules for cat genie

Cat Genie A.I. comes with a SaniSolution cartridge and Cat Genie washable granules. Depending on the Cat Genie package you get, you can either opt for a scented or unscented cartridge.

The SaniSolution cartridge and washable granules are edible for cats. The SaniSolution cartridge lasts for approximately 60 flushes, and the washable granules don’t need to be replaced. However, since the washable granules are edible, you must ensure that you have enough granules in the Cat Genie litter box to reach the fill line.

Unlike most cat litters, the Cat Genie washable granules don’t have any dust on them. These granules also get washed every time you activate the Cat Genie flush. As such, you don’t need to worry about either replacing the washable granules or cleaning them.

Cat Genie washable granules are non-absorbent, which can be good or bad. Since they’re non-absorbent, you don’t have to replace them, making them reusable. As such, they’re highly efficient and economical. However, because they’re not absorbent at all, they won’t absorb the dirt and litter from your cat’s feet, which may lead to little paw prints leading away from the Cat Genie. However, that will only be an issue if your cat digs in the Cat Genie litter box.

The SaniSolution cartridge easily snaps on top of the Cat Genie unit. When you only have 10 wash cycles left, the Cat Genie A.I. also alerts you that it may be time to replace the cartridge soon. The control center for the Cat Genie is next to the cartridge — you use those buttons to set the cleaning cycles.

How do I empty and clean a Cat Genie?

The best part about a Cat Genie is that you never have to worry about either emptying or cleaning it. As mentioned above, Cat Genie is a self-flushing and self-cleaning litter box.

Cat Genie has a timer flush. Its connected to the drainpipe to ensure that all of the waste automatically drains into the toilet bowl or sewage. As such, there’s no need to manually empty the Cat Genie. At most, you’ll have to flush the toilet if the Cat Genie is attached in your bathroom.

After the flush, the Genie Hand scrapes through the litter box to get rid of all debris and particles. Following that, the SaniSolution cartridge kicks in to decontaminate the litter box, ensuring that there’s no germs or odors left over. As such, there’s no need to clean your Cat Genie either. You will, however, have to routinely clean the outsides of the Cat Genie with a wet cloth, just like all other appliances in your home.

What can you do with the Cat Genie App?

Cat genie app features

Cat Genie A.I. also comes with a Cat Genie app for iOS and Android devices. The Cat Genie app ensures that you always know what’s happening with your cat and your Cat Genie litter box.

The following is an overview of the Cat Genie app’s most prominent features:

  • Monitor the SaniSolution cartridge cleaning cycles, so you know when it’s time to replace the cartridge.
  • Updates on the cleaning status, including a description of the current cleaning process — washing, drying, etc.
  • Tracking daily cat visits.
  • Locking the control panel from manual actions. This feature is especially useful for households with intelligent cats or little kids who play with the controls.
  • Setting the exact time for the cleaning up to 8x a day.
  • Setting sleep timers for cat activation.
  • Voice updates and push notifications to inform you of the litter box’s status, even when you’re not home.

cat genie app - Tracking daily visits and activity

Cat Genie A.I. Basic vs. Cat Genie A.I. Premium Fresh Scent vs. Cat Genie A.I. Premium Scent-Free

Cat Genie A.I. comes in three packages —  Cat Genie A.I. Basic, Cat Genie A.I. Premium Fresh Scent, and Cat Genie A.I. Premium Scent-Free. You can choose the Cat Genie litter box that comes closest to meeting your needs and budget.

Cat Genie A.I. Basic is the most basic package. It includes the essentials — one SaniSolution Cartridge, one set of washable granules, and the litter box itself.

The biggest draw for the Cat Genie A.I. Premium Fresh Scent and Cat Genie A.I. Premium Scent-Free is the inclusion of the Genie Dome & Sidewall. The Genie Dome & Sidewall is a dome that you attach over the existing litter box. As such, the litter never falls out of the litter box, and you can’t see the kitty poo on the litter box.

In addition to the Genie Dome & Sidewall, the Premium Cat Genie litter boxes also include additional SaniSolution Cartridges. The only difference between Premium Fresh Scent and Premium Scent-Free is that one of them has scented cartridges, and the other is scent-free.

Cat Genie A.I. Basic

Cat Genie A.I. Premium Fresh Scent

Cat Genie A.I. Premium Scent-Free

Cat Genie Litter Box

SaniSolution Cartridge


3 (Scented)

3 (Scent-Free)

Washable Granules




Genie Dome & Sidewall







Cat Genie A.I. Basic vs. Cat Genie A.I. Premium Fresh Scent vs. Cat Genie A.I. Premium Scent-Free-min

How much does a Cat Genie cost?

The following is a breakdown of Cat Genie A.I.’s cost.

As you can see, the Cat Genie A.I. Premium is certainly more expensive than the Basic. However, the Premium packages also come with 2 additional SaniSolution Cartridges and a Genie Dome & Sidewall.

If you bought the cartridges and the dome separately, the cost of the entire set would be $518. As such, Cat Genie A.I. Premium does offer a pretty great bundle package.

Is Cat Genie available in the US, UK, and EU?

Cat Genie is officially available in the US and UK. However, Cat Genie also ships to any EU country that doesn’t have a Cat Genie distributor.

Cat Genie vs. Litter Robot: Which is the better self-cleaning litter box?

Litter Robot

Litter Robot is another popular automated kitty litter box, which makes it one of Cat Genie’s most prominent competitors. So how does Litter Robot stack up against Cat Genie? Which one of these self-cleaning litter boxes is better?

Litter Robot is a self-cleaning litter box, but it’s not as comprehensive or advanced as the Cat Genie. This litter box uses a rotating mechanism that separates the waste from the clean litter. The kitty waste is then moved to the bottom of the litter box, which holds a 13-gallon plastic trash bag.

When the trash bag fills up, you have to remove the garbage bag at the bottom of the unit and replace it with a fresh bag. As such, this litter box doesn’t need to be connected to waterlines or drainage tubes like Cat Genie. All you have to do is connect the Litter Robot to a 12V power outlet. The entire cleaning process in the Cat Litter only takes 7 minutes, compared to Cat Genie’s 30 minutes.

As such, Litter Robot is suitable for people who don’t want the hassle of connecting the litter box to a water and drainage source. Furthermore, Litter Robot can be placed anywhere at all; you’re not restricted to the bathroom or washer. However, Litter Robot isn’t nearly as effective as Cat Genie because the waste receptacle isn’t as secure. You may need to manually clean some litter once in a while. Furthermore, unlike Cat Genie, you have to manually dispose of the garbage bags filled with litter.

All things considered, Cat Genie is still far more advanced and has a better litter disposal system. The only aspect in which Litter Robot comes ahead is the installation — since you only have to plug it into a power outlet.

Summary of the pros and cons of Cat Genie A.I.

Pros of Cat Genie A.I.:

  • Ultimate Cleanliness: You don’t ever have to manually handle the litter. The litter from the Cat Genie goes straight into the sewage or toilet, and you have to simply flush the toilet. Furthermore, this is a self-contained system, which means no feces particles are floating around in the atmosphere.
  • Sanitation: The recyclable SaniSolution cartridge provides the ultimate form of sanitation. It decontaminates the entire kitty litter, getting rid of all the remnants of waste and odors. As such, you don’t even have to worry about breathing the litter odor. Furthermore, depending on the package you get, you can choose between scented or non-scented sanitation.
  • No Clogging: The Genie Hand turns the solid waste into a liquefied mush that can smoothly flow through the drainpipes and into the toilet or sewage. As such, you don’t have to worry about solid particles clogging up the pipes.
  • Self-Maintenance: Cat Genie cleans and sanitizes itself, which means there’s no additional maintenance requires. Even the washable granules are cleaned thoroughly, and you only have to top them off once every six months or so.
  • Timers: You can set timers for automatic cleaning up to 8x a day. As such, you never have to manually handle the kitty litter and rest assured that it will clean itself.
  • Monitoring: Cat Genie A.I. comes with an incredibly useful and intelligent Cat Genie app that allows you to monitor the litter box and your cats. The Cat Genie app monitors when your cats visit the litter box and provides updates on the cleaning status.
  • Simple Installation: Cat Genie A.I. is easy to install without professional assistance, and the entire process takes less than 15 minutes.

Cons of Cat Genie A.I.:

  • Extremely Loud: Cat Genie A.I. is extremely loud when it’s flushing and cleaning. The entire process is about as loud as a washing machine, which can be disruptive if it’s installed in your bathroom.
  • Long Process: The entire flushing and cleaning process takes approximately 30 minutes. That’s a long time to deal with that noise of cleaning.
  • Expensive: Cat Genie A.I. is pretty expensive, even if you get the Basic version. As such, Cat Genie A.I. is ideally suited for those who really don’t mind paying that amount to avoid handling waste or those who have multiple cats that produce a lot of litter.

CatGenie 120 (entry-level version)

The Cat Genie 120 is the entry-level version retiling at only $289.00. No App or AI Functions. 

We haven't covered the 120 in as much detail as we think for the small investment extra it's worth getting the A.I. version. 

The CatGenie 120 includes:

  • 1 CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box -
  • 1 Box of Washable Granules
  • 1 SaniSolution Cartridge Fresh Scent -
  • Easy Manuals and T-Adapters for Setup
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 2-Year Warranty


All things considered, Cat Genie A.I. is a revolutionary product for all kitty lovers out there. This self-flushing and self-cleaning litter box will ensure you never have to deal with your cats’ litters ever again! We love it!

Where can I find Cat Genie error codes and troubleshooting tips?

In this section, we’ll give you an overview of what two common Cat Genie error codes indicate, and how you can solve them. For a comprehensive overview of all the Cat Genie error codes and their solutions, go through the Cat Genie instruction manual.

Cat Genie Error Code 1: Beeps + Error LED & LED 1 Lighting

  • Dirty or Missing Water Sensor: Remove the processing unit to pull up the water sensor from the hopper. Clean the sensor and tip using a soft cloth to ensure it’s lime-free and shiny. If the water sensor is missing, either find it or replace it with one of the spare parts in the Cat Genie base. Replace the processing unit back in its place.
  • Water in the Hopper: If there’s water in the hopper, don’t unplug the device or remove the processing unit. Press the start/stop button to stop the beeping sound, and then clear the hopper. You can follow the instructions on page 17 of the Cat Genie manual.

Cat Genie Error Code 2: Beeps + Error LED & LED 4 Lighting

  • Blockage in the Rear Vents or Front Blower: If you experience this Cat Genie error code, and your dryer overheats or stops, you may have a blockage in the rear vents or front blower. This is a fire hazard, so you should remove anything blocking the vents in the processing unit. You should also move the Cat Genie approximately 2 inches from the wall and remove any obstructions in the litter box’s path. You can also vacuum the rear vents to remove any blockage. Allow the unit to cool down for about 20 minutes, and then press the start button for 4 seconds to restart the Cat Genie.