Amazon's New Line of Products Launched September 2019

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Updated: 20th Dec 2019
Published: 4th Oct 2019
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During its 2019 annual product launch, Amazon announced countless new ways to bring Alexa into your everyday life. With some of the products being available for immediate launch and others still in the concept stage, users can now have Alexa everywhere they go.

Other products were timely updates to existing products, offering tonnes of new features for extra functionality and convenience.

The extensive new range of devices includes wearables and smart home gadgets covering literally every aspect of life. Let us take a look at everything they announced and figure out the value it may add to your smart life.

Echo Buds

Under the wearable category, Alexa users now have a real solution for accessing the assistant on the go. These are ideal if you want to have Alexa always listening out to your commands, even when you are not home.

They are a great stop-gap, fixing a real market need in view of the fact that Amazon lacks a smartphone platform. Echo Buds feature great sound quality as well as noise-cancelling technology from Bose. In addition to Alexa support, they also support Google Assistant and Siri.

They will start shipping on October 30th at $129.99.

Echo Flex

If you were looking for a fast and easy way to get Alexa into any room, you have just found it. The Echo Flex is a wall plug that also functions as a smart speaker, always ready to take your voice commands.

What makes it so convenient is the fact that you do not need surface space to place it on as it plugs directly into an electrical outlet. Think of how convenient this could be when adding Alexa to spaces such as hallways. It might never replace the smart speaker, but it is a great way to expand Alexa access into all the nooks and crannies of your smart home.

And its functional appeal does not stop at taking commands as it also has a USB port built-in for charging devices such as smartphones and other accessories.

Shipping starts on November 14th and the pre-order price is $24.99.

Echo Flex Motion Sensor

Another new product in the Amazon Alexa line-up is the Echo Flex Motion Sensor. Built by Amazon partner THIRDREALITY, it is an Echo Flex accessory. It fits into the bottom USB port on the plug and has a handy role.

It kicks off routines for smart home devices with Alexa capability, for instance, starting the coffee maker or switching lights on and off. Like the Echo Flex, it starts shipping on November 14th at $14.99.

Echo Flex Smart Night Light

This is yet another new addition designed to work with the Echo Flex. Just like the motion sensor, it plugs into the USB port at the bottom of the Flex. As its name suggests, it shines a cool light. It ships on November 14th at $14.99.

Echo Glow

This is a fun, yet highly functional, addition to any smart home, holding special appeal for pint-sized Alexa users. Designed to resemble an orb, it is a novelty lamp with a touch-sensitive exterior. You can use the touch function to change its colours and enjoy having it as a night light.

It connects to Alexa and besides glowing in different colours, it can also flicker to resemble a campfire. And the best part about it is that, though it has the features of Philips Hue, it only costs about half the price.

The smart night light is available for pre-order in the US at $29.99.

Amazon Smart Oven

In 2018, one of the biggest Alexa products launched was the Amazon Microwave with Alexa support. Sure enough, it soon became a top seller in Amazon’s microwave category.

Following closely in those footsteps, Amazon has added an all-in-one convection oven. The Amazon Smart Oven has air fryer capabilities as well as a built-in microwave and, of course, it supports Alexa voice control.

Among its most alluring features is the fact that you can scan your food and get cooking instructions and set the ideal temperature on the accompanying app.

Just like the microwave oven, the smart oven is a reference product. The idea behind it is to demonstrate to manufacturers how they can easily integrate Alexa support in devices. It starts shipping on November 14th at a pre-order price of $249.99.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

The Amazon Echo Dot was hugely successful due to its competitive pricing and convenience. But the company has realised it could be even more resourceful if it addressed an existing market need.

Apparently, one of the most common questions that Alexa answers is about the time. Noting this need, Amazon has introduced a digital clock face on the side of the updated Echo Dot. Using the same face, the device can display outside temperature too.

 In addition to the clock face, the device will have a touch-sensitive top. The main purpose of the top is to snooze alarms, and it will automatically set 9-minutes snoozes with every touch. It is already available for pre-order at $59.99 and will start shipping on October 16th.

Amazon Echo 3rd Gen

As you might have anticipated, there has been an update to the Amazon Echo. The speaker will resemble the 2018 Echo Plus and basically offer a similar setup. However, it comes with new fabric options as well as colours.

Besides the colour and fabric changes, the speaker will also offer better sound quality than the 2nd generation. In fact, it provides the sound quality of the high-end Echo Plus.

It is already available for pre-order at $99.99 and will start shipping on 16th October.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Last year, Amazon launched the 2nd generation of the Echo Show, featuring a 10” screen. And in May this year, they introduced the Echo Show 5 which sports a 5.5” screen. If you guessed that the new Echo Show 8 will have an 8” screen, you guessed right.

The company seems to have a focus on creating a wide range of devices to fit in any and every kind of space. Show 8 seems to ideally target the kitchen space where TV screens might have a difficult time fitting in.

It will sport a camera cover to protect user privacy. The device is available for pre-order at $129.99 and shipping will begin on November 21st.

Echo Studio

Amazon is eager to give Sonos and Apple HomePod speakers a run for their money with the new Echo Studio. It is relatively beefier than the original Echo and features five speakers. They promise that it will support both Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos.

For an even more impressive sound quality, you can pair it up with a second Echo Studio as well as the Echo Sub, which launched in 2018. Echo Studio has superior bass and a better three-dimensional, high-end fidelity audio system.

It is already available for pre-order at $199.99 and will start shipping on 7th November.

Amazon Echo Frames

Under a category it refers to as its Day 1 Editions, Amazon launched additional new products. The Amazon Echo Frames are comparable to the Bose Frames that launched during summer. They sport microphones and a speaker to connect to your smartphone.

As such, you can use them to give Alexa voice commands when you are on the fly. They offer a great alternative to Alexa enthusiasts who are not so much into earbuds.

However, they are currently only available under invitation. After the introductory period, the price will be $249.99.

Amazon Echo Loop

Yet another addition to Amazon wearables under Day 1 Editions is a smart ring, known as the Echo Loop. Like everything else in the line-up it has Alexa support, but this is comparable to a smart speaker on your index finger.

The titanium ring is home to a miniature speaker and two small microphones, letting you talk to Alexa. You need to pair it with your phone for internet access. Unlike smart speakers, which activate using a wake word, it has a button to activate Alexa.

Like the Echo Frames, it is available by invitation only with an introductory price of $129.99, which will rise to $179.99 with public availability.

Amazon Fetch

As its name seems to imply, this is a tracker for your dog’s collar which you can use to find your dog’s location. However, it is a demo of a much bigger product known as the Sidewalk. This is a new wireless connectivity standard that will work to connect devices over long distances, comparable to Tile.

At the moment, there is no information on the release date and price.

Eero Router

The Eero Router is among the first Amazon products since the Eero buyout. It is a router offering simplified setup, claiming to take as few as 10 minutes. Better still, it has Alexa voice control, which means you can control Wi-Fi access to specific devices using voice commands.

It will cost $99 per piece and $249 for a 3-pack.

Ring Indoor Cam and Ring Stick-Up Cam

Adding to the line-up of Ring, Amazon’s security company, are two new arrivals. The indoor camera will be the cheapest in its line of home security cams at $59.99. On the other hand, the Stick-Up will offer functionality both indoors and outdoors and will cost $99.99.

Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit

If you would like to add Ring security features to your existing alarm system, this is the kit for you. Rather than requiring a fresh installation of sensors, it can use the existing ones in your home. The price of the kit is $199.99.

Software Release

In addition to the hardware, Amazon has also made it possible to erase Alexa recordings using a new auto-delete feature. You can set it to automatically delete all recordings after 3 months or 18 months.

You can also choose your favourite celebrity’s voice to play the role of Alexa for a mere $0.99. First on the line will be actor Samuel L. Jackson with others to follow thereafter.

Strengthening Amazon’s Portfolio

Amazon seems to have revitalised its strategy with this extensive range of products. They hold the potential to enhance the value of many users’ already-existing investments in Alexa. Rather than displacing existing products, they are likely to have an additive effect, strengthening the product portfolio.