Google Home 2 Concept Images - If Released on October 15th, This is What it May Look Like

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Google Home 2 concept image
Updated: 20th Dec 2019
Published: 24th Sep 2019
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By SHN Team

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This morning I got into the office and had my usual black coffee, no sugar (that’s how I roll). I opened my emails to discover our designer had sent me various wonderful images of what looks like a new type of smart speaker. Ta-dah!

Five images of what we think a Google Home 2 could look like if released on October 15th 2019 at the Made by Google event.

New Google Device Possibilities (Names)

We can only really think of two names to give this device:

  • Google Home 2

  • Google Nest Wireless

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the device to see why a Google Home 2 may look like this if it’s released.

Design – Is It What We Expect from Google?

Well, it looks like it could be a follow on from a Google Home, so, in that sense, yes it is. It has the same fabric bottom to the speaker and the same plastic casing. But that’s where it stops! This speaker takes on a whole new sleek and shiny shape with curves a Brazilian would be proud of. It’s almost as if our designer has taken Google Home, turned the front into a screen, pulled it forward and stretched the top into a cool point (like a unicorn maybe?). It reminds us of a cross between a speaker and a flagship smartphone. It’s not just nicely designed though; its curves have purpose.

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Notable Features:


I’m going to start with the most interesting thing our designer has added. No, not the shiny round screen, nor the Aux port. A small grey tag on the side of the device holds a logo. This logo is Soli, from Google’s Project Soli! Google’s touchless interactions radar system. Sounds cool, right…? But, that’s precisely what it is – a way to communicate with the device using only hand movements. And it’s a lot more accurate than the gesture recognition we are used to.

We first spoke about this concept back in August, where we referenced an interesting opinion piece by 9to5google.

Wireless charging dock and USB-C connection

This speaker is wireless so that it can be taken anywhere you want. It isn’t restricted to a cable, like its predecessors. We can see from the images that the device can be placed directly onto a wireless docking station with a USB-C connection. Also, the tag we mentioned before kind of hints this is a ‘wireless speaker’. These tags are synonymous with carry-a-long speakers.

Aux port

It’s said that the Nest Mini may have an Aux jack, so we’ve added one of these as we thought it was a good idea.

Single physical button

There is one button on the device (other than those on-screen). This is a mic mute button like on Google Home.

Screen, camera and microphone

A glossy round screen could have numerous uses, including:

  • Video calling

  • Music control

  • Security camera (the camera is at such an angle that it could help surveil your living room at home, should it be placed there)

  • YouTube videos

  • Visual calendar updates

  • We think you know what a screen can do; the list goes on…

The microphone at the top left would be so Google Assistant can listen to commands.

So will Google Home 2 be released on 15th October and will it look like these renders? Feel free to comment below.


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