Ayi: An AI-Powered Smart Mirror

OS means you can download apps | Augmented-Reality (AR) enabled | Expected delivery December 2019
AYI smart mirror functions
Updated: 27th May 2020
Published: 21st Aug 2019
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By Ricky Harewood

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Ayi Technology, the smart home company behind Ayi Smart Mirror, reached its Kickstarter funding goal of $25,000 in a day following its project launch.

Update: The AYI technology website appears to permanently down. This leads us to believe the company has closed for business. We would suggest you do not pre-order any products or fund the business further. 

We will of course update this with any new information we have. 

What is Ayi?

Ayi Smart Mirror is a 32” display that aims to revolutionize not just the home mirror but home automation as a whole. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and voice assistance technology, it offers a new take on smart home technology.

The team behind Ayi describes it as the most visually stunning personal assistant. It features an HD Samsung borderless display with anti-fingerprint glass and a 1080p camera.

On the inside, it features an A9 Cortex processor, 16GB of RAM and a 64GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for storage. All its electronic components are in the adaptor to keep the display thin. At only 2cm thin, it is, in fact, possible to flush mount the mirror and make it part of your décor.

What Makes Ayi Different?

Unlike most other smart devices with native AI-assistant support, Ayi seeks to balance technology and an item that has been present in homes, probably forever. When it is off, it functions like any other mirror. But whenever you need its smart capabilities, it comes alive with a full-featured user interface.

As the team explains on the Kickstarter page, Ayi seeks to enhance the user’s life, not consume it. It is thus designed to make technology revolve around the user and not the other way around.

Ayi Smart Mirror Features

The mirror comes with a native OS, Instinct, but can also run on Android, depending on user preferences. Instinct OS is somewhat similar to Android but operates differently.

Using its interface, users can enjoy content while simultaneously interacting with apps, and they will not interfere with its reflective surface.

Another difference is that Instinct integrates and optimizes machine learning into its native apps. Thus, it allows for optimal interaction between the user and assistant using both visual and audio control.

Ten-point multi-touch lets the user control multiple apps and features using touch. And it functions like any tablet or smartphone, giving access to popular apps like Netflix, Uber, YouTube and others.

Its built-in personal assistant which responds to the wake word “Hey Ayi” uses voice recognition to allow for smart home control. You can adjust the temperature, control lighting, lock and unlock doors and even access cameras using the assistant.

Moreover, it can respond to messages, play music, manage your calendar, order groceries, monitor health and play movies, among other things. Based on your schedule, the assistant makes recommendations to help in accomplishing tasks proactively.

In monitoring health, it uses your feedback and machine learning to offer practical recommendations for overall well-being.

Integration with IFTTT means that the mirror can work with numerous other smart home connected devices. Currently, it works with devices from Nest, Hue, August and Amazon Alexa and can thus act as a control hub for your smart home.

Being Augmented-Reality (AR) enabled, the mirror offers the opportunity to use apps to experience virtual closets, hairdos and other fun options. You can augment jewelry, accessories and decorations, among others.

Every user can create their own profile and enjoy an individually-tailored experience, from managing the calendar to entertainment customization and much more.

What Makes Ayi Popular?

A majority of homeowners express concern about how smart home devices collect data by always eavesdropping. But Ayi sets itself apart by being off by default and only coming on when the user needs it.


At the moment, the Ayi Smart Mirror is available for pre-order on Kickstarter at $399, with delivery expected to begin in December 2019. It will, however, roll out to the public in January 2020 at the price of $1,000. By then, it will be available for tests in Boston and San Francisco showrooms.