Best Smart Home Gadgets of CES 2024

CES 2024 is not coming to a close just yet, and there are still plenty of gadgets to explore and enjoy.
CES 2024
Updated: 19th Jan 2024
Published: 11th Jan 2024
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By Ricky Harewood

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If you thought that the most exciting revelations at CES 2024 would take place in the initial days, you were mistaken. As Day 4 unfolds, the exhibition floor continues to showcase plenty of innovative gadgets and products. We've rounded up some best smart home gadgets from the year's biggest tech show in the list below. These devices come equipped with innovative applications and mechanical features that not only enhance your living environment but also simplify your daily tasks even further.

Narwal Freo X Ultra

Tech shows are filled with a plethora of advanced robot vacuums, yet the Narwal Freo X Ultra stands out as the most impressive among them. This latest robot vacuum cleaner not only delivers top-notch cleaning performance but also prioritizes your privacy like never before. This smart device can easily sweep, vacuum, and mop various types of flooring in your house. Say goodbye to cameras! The Narwal Freo X Ultra employs LiDAR and laser sensors which offer precise mapping and navigation abilities. 

Moreover, the Narwal Freo X Ultra boasts a tangle-free brush roller that truly lives up to its name. No longer will you have to deal with the frustrating issue of hair getting tangled in your vacuum; this clever design eliminates that problem.

Equipped with DirtSense technology, the base station ensures thorough cleaning of the mop brushes, while its automatic water and detergent delivery system enhances user convenience. The Freo X Ultra doesn't just glide across your floors; it can detect areas with more dirt and go back to clean them with multiple passes.

The Freo X Ultra, set to debut in March for $1,399, stands out as an exceptional robot vacuum. Its dust-free cleaning is made possible by advanced vacuuming suction routing and HEPA filters. The captured debris is compressed, offering several weeks' worth of collection before the need to replace the disposable bag or empty the eco-friendly dust bin.

HiSense UX Mini-LED TV

On the other hand, the HiSense UX Mini-LED TV also stands out as the most impressive product. If the specifications claimed by HiSense hold, it may even set records with its remarkable features—a 110-inch display, with 10,000 nit brightness, and supported by 40,000 local dimming zones.

This TV stands out as one of the most brilliant displays ever created, especially due to its larger size. Additionally, it sports 4.2.2 channel Dolby Atmos speakers, a 4K resolution, complete coverage of the 100% DCI-P3 color space, and the Hi-View Engine X. This engine is powered by a 16-bit AI neural chip for advanced object-based upscaling. Furthermore, it is equipped with 4 HDMI ports, with only 2 of them supporting full-speed HDMI 2.1.

The pricing and availability details for the HiSense UX Mini-LED TV have not been disclosed yet. However, we anticipate that the TV will be released later this year.

Govee AI Sync Box Kit 2 and Neon Rope Light 2

The smart home company Govee is also there, bringing a new generation of two lighting products with it. This includes the AI Sync Box Kit 2 and Neon Rope Light 2.

AI Sync Box Kit 2

According to Govee, the kit's new sync box received a significant upgrade: With the 2nd-gen, the HDMI 2.1 standard is supported with a total of four connections, making 4K resolution at 120 Hz and 8K resolution at 30 Hz possible. Support for Freesync, G-Sync as well as VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) is also newly added; HDR10, Dolby Vision, and eARC remain on board as usual. The in-house Govee Home, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are available as smart home integration, and Matter integration will also be added via an OTA update.

Neon Rope Light 2

The Neon Rope Light also receives a direct successor. The new LED strip is said to be a more flexible version than its predecessor, which comes with 10 equally flexible mounting clips. The Neon Rope Light 2 offers 84 LEDs and 14 ICs (integrated transistors to compensate for voltage losses) per meter. As with the Sync Box Kit 2, the smart home compatibility includes Govee Home, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. The Neon Rope Light 2 is said to be available in the hose colors black and white and is 5 meters long.

Price and availability are not yet known, but both products should be released in the first half of 2024. More information can be found on the official website of Govee.

Nanoleaf Permanent Outdoor Lights

Just like the Govee Permanent Outdoor light kit, Nanoleaf's smart outdoor lighting system is designed to withstand all weather conditions, allowing you to keep it outside year-round. These colorful lights not only provide additional visibility but also enhance the style of your home's outdoor spaces, such as your front yard or back patio.

Using the Nanoleaf app, you have the ability to cycle through various hues and animated patterns. Additionally, these lights can be synchronized with Nanoleaf's new Orchestrator desktop app, which uses your computer as a direct sound source. This means you can sync your lights to move in sync with high-quality audio from any music streaming platform or audio player.

Unlike most smart lights that rely on your smartphone or tablet's built-in microphones to sync with the beat, this new lighting system eliminates the potential disruption caused by nearby sounds like passing cars or people talking. The release of these new lights is scheduled for Spring 2024, with pricing details to be announced at a later date.

Abode Edge Wireless Security Camera

If you have a larger property, Abode's new wireless Edge security camera is a game-changer with its impressive 1.5-mile Wi-Fi range. Unlike standard Wi-Fi signals, it uses WiFi HaLow, a low-power long-range wireless data transmission signal that can travel much further. The camera may have a limited throughput ranging from 150 Kbps to 15 Mbps, but it is still sufficient for a stable video feed.

Abode has not disclosed many specifications, but the camera is certified IP67 weatherproof and has a built-in 6,000-mAh battery that can supposedly last up to a year. To extend battery life, the camera enters a deep-sleep mode and only activates when its motion sensor detects activity.

The Abode Edge Camera is set to be released in the first quarter of 2024 for $199. However, it can only be used with the Abode home security system, which starts at $139 for the basic Abode Security Kit.

Lockly Zeno Series Visage smart lock

The Lockly Zeno Series Versage smart lock sets itself apart by using facial recognition for security, an upgrade from the common fingerprint scanners found in many smart locks. This innovative feature allows the lock to scan your face and prepare to open the door as you approach, offering a unique and convenient access control experience.

Thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi and dual 2MP IR face-scanning cameras, it can quickly recognize up to 100 face profiles and unlock your door in under 2 seconds. In addition to its facial recognition feature, the lock includes a fingerprint reader, an auto-scrambling PIN pad, and the option to unlock using an iPhone or Apple Watch through HomeKit. Despite the availability of alternative unlocking methods, facial recognition stands out for its impressive speed and convenience. 

The LocklyZeno Series Visage smart lock is set to be released this summer for $349.

RoboRock S8 MaxV Ultra

The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra, the most advanced hybrid robot vacuum and mop from Roborock, combines cutting-edge technology with convenience. With its onboard computer, this intelligent robot features a voice assistant, a robot arm, and an advanced obstacle avoidance system. Not only can it efficiently clean your home, but it can also make video calls and provide live video feeds through its built-in camera. This versatility makes it an exceptional choice for both security and cleaning purposes. Additionally, it is compatible with the Matter protocol, ensuring seamless integration with any smart home ecosystem.

Once the S8 MaxV Ultra completes its cleaning tasks, it autonomously returns to its compact docking station. There, it will empty its dirt bin, refill its mop, and recharge its battery. Furthermore, the docking station is designed to clean itself, ensuring optimal hygiene by using hot water and a blow dry. To further enhance convenience, this Roborock model can be connected directly to your home's plumbing pipes, eliminating the need for you to manually fill and empty tanks.

Starting from April, the S8 MaxV Ultra will be available for purchase directly from Roborock for $1,800. With its advanced features and innovative design, this hybrid robot vacuum and mop sets a new standard in home cleaning technology.

LG Smart WashCombo

The LG all-in-one washer is a space-saving appliance that combines a washer and dryer into one. Despite its compact ventless design, the WashCombo has a large capacity of 5.0 cu ft, allowing you to wash large laundry piles or even a king-sized comforter.

With its advanced technology, the washer utilizes onboard AI and sensors to detect fabrics, soil level, and size. This enables it to create an optimized cleaning setting quickly, delivering exceptional results in just two hours. Additionally, the appliance comes with LG's ThinQ smart home platform, allowing you to remotely check the cycle's status, control the washer, and receive notifications from anywhere through the internet.

You can now purchase the SmartWash Combo WM6998HBA from for $2,999.

Linxura Smart Controller

There are many options for controlling your smart home, but if you prefer not to use voice commands or deal with apps, the Linxura Smart Controller is perfect for you. Featuring a sleek scroll wheel inspired by the iPod, this physical controller offers a satisfying and intuitive user experience.

One of the best aspects of this controller is its compatibility with products from various manufacturers, including Alexa, Sonos, LIFX, and Phillips. It also offers prospective support for Matter and Google Home. With the capacity to store up to 52 devices, you can easily navigate between them using the scroll wheel and control features like brightness and temperature. The e-ink display allows for extended battery life, lasting up to 3 months on a single charge. The Linxura Smart Controller is currently available for purchase at $99.

Invoxia Minitailz AI smart collar

Indeed, AI tailored for your pets is available in the shape of an intelligent collar designed for both cats and dogs. With a price tag of $99, the Invoxia Mintailz AI smart collar features the capability to monitor standard metrics such as location, heart rate, and activity. Additionally, it keeps a close eye on heart health and appetite. The AI is integrated to analyze this data, keeping you informed about any possible health issues. Stay connected and proactive in caring for your pet's well-being with Mintailz AI smart collar.

The battery life of the device can extend from 10 to 14 days on a single charge, and it is equipped with IP67 water and dust resistance for durability. Additionally, it offers real-time location tracking using a combination of GPS, LTE, and Wi-Fi. It is important to note that a SIM card and a monthly subscription costing $8.30 are required to access these features. However, for individuals with adventurous dogs prone to wandering off unnoticed, this fee is a reasonable investment.