Eureka J20: A Robot with a Very Promising Washing Function

Its key feature is a napkin rotating on two rollers, which self-cleans during the cleaning process.
Eureka J20 vacuum cleaner
Updated: 1st Feb 2024
Published: 26th Jan 2024
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By Ricky Harewood

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Eureka unveiled a new robot vacuum cleaner at CES, capturing attention primarily with its innovative washing system. Named the J20, this device features a unique "rolling" mop designed to scrub floors effectively, complemented by a dual-tank system for continuous rinsing.

The standout feature, dubbed the RollRenew system, incorporates a rotating cleaning belt, a pair of water tanks, and a series of water nozzles arranged in a screw pattern. As the J20 goes about its cleaning routine, these nozzles consistently spray water onto the floor, tackling stains head-on. Subsequently, any accumulated dirt is scraped off by built-in scrapers beneath the robot, with the dirty water being siphoned off into a separate tank.

Eureka asserts that the J20 leaves floors dry post-cleaning, avoiding the common issue of residual water that can lead to re-soiling—a frequent problem with traditional mops and rotating pads.

The RollRenew cleaning system stands out as the hallmark feature of the Eureka J20 robotic vacuum cleaner, yet this device boasts several other practical functionalities. Notably, it can siphon off dirty water, apply additional detergents for a deeper clean, and then absorb the remaining water to prevent any re-soiling of the surface. Another intriguing aspect of this new Eureka model is its internal waste tank, which is capable of holding debris for up to 75 days before necessitating a change, offering considerable convenience to users.

The floor detection system is another attractive feature of the J20 robotic vacuum cleaner. This product changes its washing system to non-fabric mode when moving on carpet. The J20 vacuum cleaner can track obstacles with a height of 4.5 cm by detecting objects and offers a suction power of 8,000 pascals. In addition, it can automatically increase suction power while moving across carpets, effectively removing hidden dust and debris, ensuring a thorough vacuuming and cleaning of all types of floors.

On top of that, the mopping system of the Eureka J20 is equally impressive, delivering a powerful 17N of pressure and applying fresh water at triple the force of typical mopping robots. With this exceptional power, the robot can eliminate even the most stubborn dirt, debris, and stains from carpets and other surfaces, leaving the floor impeccably clean. The Eureka J20 is not just cleaning dirty floors with these capabilities; it's conquering them.

Its base is just as impressive as the robot itself

The Eureka J20's base, designed for a versatile two-in-one robot vacuum/floor washer, smoothly fulfills all-in-one functions with impressive efficiency. The automated hub represents ultimate convenience by taking care of all the mundane and messy duties required for maintaining the robot, eliminating the need for you to do them. The robot efficiently manages various tasks in a single location, such as gathering dirty water in its dual tank system, replenishing one tank with fresh water, cleaning and drying the mop, Using new detergent, and removing the dust.

The all-in-one station not only handles all the tasks for you, but can also operate automatically for a continuous 75-day period before you need to do anything. With large 1.5-liter tanks, it can store both dirty and clean water individually for over two months. The 3-liter dust bag of the vacuum is designed to collect several weeks of debris that is scooped up while using it.

If you have concerns about the station developing an unpleasant odor due to not emptying its dust bag for extended periods, you'll be pleased to know that Eureka has taken such considerations into account while designing the base of the J20. It comes with a ventilation system designed to continuously circulate air within the dust bag compartment to help prevent odors from building up.

With its superior carpet detection capabilities, it can easily navigate around obstacles

To ensure effective cleaning in homes with a combination of hard floors and carpets, it is important for a robot vacuum to cover both surfaces. With its advanced ultrasonic carpet detection, the Eureka J20 (duo-brush version) can quickly transition to its non-fabric mop side, preventing your carpet from getting wet. This feature remains effective even if the robot has recently mopped a nearby room. Thanks to this innovative system provided by Eureka J20, the concern of damp carpets is a thing of the past.

The J20 comes with extra sensors to navigate around obstacles and steps. It also has a 22 mm threshold crossing capability to prevent getting stuck. The J20 robot vacuum sets a new standard in technology with its advanced 3D obstacle avoidance feature. With its advanced laser navigation and detection technology, the J20 efficiently analyzes household designs and precisely detects obstacles that are taller than 4.5 cm. Using this advanced technology, this robot effortlessly vacuums even the trickiest areas of your home, effectively cleaning your floors and carpets.

The Eureka J20 is powered by an extensive onboard battery, providing a maximum runtime of 3 hours (180 minutes) on a single charge. This allows it to clean an area of up to 4,300 square feet before returning to its base for a recharge.

In its most recent upgrade, the Eureka application introduces notable enhancements to user engagement and management of its intelligent devices, such as the J20 robotic vacuum/floor washer. By using your smartphone or tablet, you can now effortlessly manage the J20. Tasks such as adjusting suction power, setting cleaning schedules, and creating invisible walls and no-go zones can all be done from the comfort of your couch.

Moreover, the Eureka J20 is not merely a cleaning appliance; it also serves as a smart home device with its integration with Alexa and Google Home. With the app's redesign, Eureka proves its dedication to advancing home cleaning technology and improving user experience. It brings the convenience of modern technology to previously burdensome household chores.

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