Roborock P10S and P10S Pro Launched With AI Functions

Both robot vacuum cleaners replace the 2023 Roborock P10 and P10 Pro, offering even more power and smart features.
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Updated: 24th Feb 2024
Published: 20th Feb 2024
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By Ricky Harewood

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Roborock, a leader in home cleaning technology, has just launched their latest robot vacuum models, the P10S and P10S Pro, marking a significant step forward in the field of automated home cleaning solutions. As the name suggests, these new robot vacuum cleaner models are the successors of the Roborock P10 and P10 Pro launched last year.

Roborock P10S Pro 

The Roborock P10S Pro features a unique dual telescopic mechanical arm, a feature designed to extend the robot's reach to edges and corners, achieving an outstanding 98.8% coverage. This innovative approach solves one of the most common challenges faced by robot vacuums, ensuring a thorough cleaning across every area of ​​the home.

Furthermore, the P10S Pro is equipped with a self-sustaining dual spiral scanning system that combines dual inward rolling brushes with a powerful 11000Pa suction force. This system is designed to provide an effective cleaning process by suctioning, rolling, and cutting debris, making it especially effective in homes with carpets and pets. It also has a 99.7% disinfection rate when washed with hot water at 60°C.

Roborock P10S Pro is also equipped with self-cleaning mop technology and smart water management, achieving a ground disinfection rate of 99.99%. The multi-function charging station of this robot vacuum cleaner model supports washing rags with hot water, automatic dust collection, and water replenishment.

Roborock P10S 

The Roborock P10S model is designed to be both versatile and affordable without compromising on performance. It has a 98.8% dynamic mechanical arm for full edge and corner coverage, 7000Pa strong suction, and a soft rubber main brush to minimize hair tangling.

It offers high-temperature sterilization and rag washing at 60°C and is self-cleaning with a space-saving mini base station. FlexiArm design ensures comprehensive house cleaning with a coverage rate of 98.8%. The robot also has an antibacterial system, dynamic wet mopping, and a floor disinfection rate of 99.99%.

These robot vacuum cleaner models also support a variety of control methods, including voice commands and smart device integration. Both models are integrated with Roborock's latest SmartPlan AI, which allows intelligent planning and optimization of cleaning paths based on user habits and specific home layouts, such as type of room and floor materials.

This AI-based approach ensures a tailored cleaning experience, tailored to each household's unique needs. Additionally, the introduction of Pet Mode 3.0 provides targeted cleaning for homes with pets, focusing on deep cleaning of pet-related areas and items, helping to clean Thoroughly clean the house.

The cost and start of sales of new products have not yet been announced.