Smart Home Expo: Postponed due to Coronavirus

Smart Home Expo 2020 | NEW DATES WILL BE GIVEN | NEC Birmingham, UK | Get your free tickets
Smart Home Expo 2020
Updated: 29th Jan 2020
Published: 10th Mar 2020
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By Rohan Tandon

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[Update: the Smart Home Expo at NEC Birmingham, UK has been postponed due to Coronavirus. New dates will be confirmed by Monday 16th March 2020].

SMARTHOME news is proud to announce that it has officially partnered with Smart Home Expo 2020. The UK’s premier event for smart technologies revolutionizing the way we live will return this year on the 17th and 18th of March 2020 at Birmingham’s NEC.

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In recent years, smart technologies have constantly been making headlines across the globe. This is only natural when you look at the statistics — 38% of all UK consumers now own or use smart technologies and this number is at a steep incline.

Smart Home Expo is an event celebrating and introducing the latest innovations in smart technologies focused on renovations and refurbishment projects. This year, Smart Home Expo will explore topics about the role of smart technologies in both a macro and micro scale — from smart buildings and commercial spaces to smart homes and household devices.

In 2020, Smart Home Expo will evolve into its next stage with the launch of a new zone called Smart Buildings LIVE — a showcasing of innovations that will drive the future of Smart Buildings. This feature will bring together speakers, panelists, workshops, and visitors from real estate developers to commercial property users and engage them in an invigorating discussion.

With Smart Home Expo, you’ll be able to browse products from world-class suppliers and try the products before making a purchase. However, this event isn’t merely a marketplace for people to buy the latest smart technologies — it’s an arena in which people come together to discuss the future of smart technologies as a whole.

With a lineup of great­ inspirational seminars, featuring the brightest industry luminaries, you’ll be at the epicenter of the smart homeworld. The two days of the event will be brimming with discussions, panels, and discussions that will broaden your horizon and leave you thoroughly entertained, informed, engaged, and empowered.

What truly sets Smart Home Expo apart is its thoroughly interactive outlook. You can immerse yourself in the various features, join training sessions at the Smart Building Workshop, and engage with the world’s foremost brands in Smart Building and Smart Home technology.

With all of the aforementioned features and a lot more, Smart Home Expo and Smart Building LIVE are set to become the epicenter of this smart new world.

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