Tovala Smart Oven - A Meal Delivery Service, Which Cooks Your Food For You In Your Own Kitchen

Order meals you like, scan bar-codes and off you go, the oven does the rest
tovala smart oven and meal delivery service
Updated: 20th Dec 2019
Published: 10th Jul 2019
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By Ricky Harewood

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Tovala seeks to offer a revolutionary way to make home cooking effortless, while still promising sumptuous, fresh meals. 

According to the team behind the project, the mission is to offer a balance between quality meals and convenience.

What is Tovala?
In the simplest terms, Tovala is a meal kit delivery service which works together with a smart oven to offer delicious meals in minimal time. It resembles a simple toaster oven and has a flip-down door in front and a large window. A removable crumb tray at the bottom and a plastic drip tray under the door makes it easy to clean.

The oven has sufficient space to prepare a meal for two, so for a large family, it might take a few cycles.

Though you might mistake it for a conventional countertop oven, a protruding QR code reader on the top right side gives it a distinct appearance. 

How Does Tovala Work?
Tovala uses a two-pronged approach to achieve its mission, which is a combination of Tovala meals and the Tovala Steam Oven with Tovala IQ.

Tovala Steam Oven
The Tovala oven is a smart oven that uses a combination of steam, broiling and convection baking to cook meal kits.

It incorporates a barcode scanner which scans the code on every meal kit to get instructions from the cloud on how to prepare a given meal. That triggers an automated sequence of steaming, broiling and baking.

These instructions are preset recipes prepared by professional chefs. As such, they take the guesswork out of meal preparation and offer consistency in results.

Tovala IQ, a trademarked component of the oven, encompasses built-in chef expertise. To achieve this, it controls the oven to get the precise cooking mode required for a meal, the ideal timing, temperatures and other conditions.

The oven can also take instructions from your phone which functions as a remote for steaming, broiling and baking on autopilot.

Other than steaming, baking and broiling, the oven can also reheat using convection and toast with steam.

In addition to facilitating the preparation of Tovala meal kits, it also works well with other recipes from the Tovala mobile device app.

At the time of writing, there are more than 75 recipes on Tovala’s library. Each of these is designed with simplicity in mind, letting users follow a sequence to prepare any of the listed meals.

It is also possible to use the oven for conventional cooking, with the additional benefit of steaming, which is not available on the traditional oven. It can cook up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260c) and has a timer which goes for up to two-and-three-quarter hours.

The only limitation would be the size of the oven, but otherwise, it can handle everything a conventional oven can.

Tovala Meal Kits
Tovala provides its own meal kits which its own chefs craft from scratch. According to the Tovala official site, the meals contain real, not artificial food ingredients which they carefully source.

These kits offer hundreds of options, with at least one new meal being added every week to enhance variety.

There are various categories of meals to fit dietary preferences and requirements. These include gluten-free meals, low carb, low calorie and vegetarian options, among others.

For those who love the meal kits, there are options between three and 12 meals per week. On the website, you will find a new menu with numerous meal options posted every week. You can also browse previous weeks and the week ahead to make a different order.

The Tovala Smart Oven is available for purchase on Amazon and other online outlets. You can also buy the oven directly from Tovala. 

For the meal kits, you can choose your meals and place orders right from the site.

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Tovala is now also adding their smart tech to LG ovens