BOT CARZ Review – The Motion Sensing Gesture Controlled Car

Looking for a unique gift for yourself or a loved one? Read our review of the BOT CARZ RC, an innovative device that uses hand gestures rather than ordinary controls.
BOT CARZ – Review
Published: 9th Jun 2021
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Advancements in technology have changed a lot of things in our daily lives, from entertainment, communication, and even toys. BOT CARZ is a remote-controlled vehicle that can be operated using hand gestures. This product is an innovative toy that will certainly change the way you look at remote control cars.

In this article, we’ll show you the ins and out of BOT CARZ, including specs and a quick explanation of all the features. Read on to find out what makes this device a great gift idea, either for yourself or a loved one.


Quick note: "Bot Carz are super cool and the new technology they use makes these toys the stand out present"

Everyone loves playing with something new, and when it comes to remote control cars, BOT CARZ may be one of the most cutting-edge on the market. Imagine gesture controls that have been used in professional robots for years now at your literal fingertips in the form of an RC.

The device comes in three color choices: red, green, or blue. A few more color selections would have been nice, especially as only the chassis portion features any color. Future designs may come up with more color combinations, but for now, you’re limited to only three.

The device can be made to flash LED lights and play music during use, further enhancing the playing experience. If you prefer not to use it, the features can be toggled off at the push of a button.

You can do so with either the watch controller or the regular controller to move your BOT car. The watch control slips onto your wrist and moves the car according to the gestures that you make. Moving your hand side to side will cause the BOT car to mimic your movements. Moving your outstretched palm up and down causes the car’s bionic spine to rise up and down as well.

Alternatively, you can use the regular controller included in the package in case your watch controller runs out of battery. It operates like any RC car controller, with horizontal and vertical throttles to adjust movement direction. The controller requires either two or three AA batteries to use. These are not included with the kit, so keep that in mind,

The chassis can move up and down allowing the BOT car to operate under any terrain. When raised, the device can drive on rough ground and through rocks and debris. When the chassis is lowered, you can control the car easier in paved areas.

You don’t have to worry about the device getting flipped over, as the BOT CARZ design allows it to drive on both sides. The controls work from a distance of about 40 to 50 meters away, allowing for a great range of operation along with high maneuverability.

A bit of a downside is that the batteries drain quickly, giving an average of about 20 minutes of playtime. It can also take a while to charge, with a full battery taking anywhere from two and a half to three hours to replenish from empty.

Overall, the BOT CARZ Gesture-controlled vehicle is a great gift idea for kids and adults alike.


  • Regular and gesture control
  • Works on any terrain
  • Two-sided driving and works for up to 50 meters away


  • 20-minute playtime
  • Long charge time compared to playtime
  • Limited color selection

Price as of Review

Currently, the BOT CARZ Motion Sensing Remote Controlled Car is available for £62 on their website

What’s in the box:

  • BOT CARZ remote controlled car
  • Watch Remote
  • Remote Controller
  • Car Battery Pack
  • USB Charger
  • User’s Manual

SMARTHOME.News Rating: 5/5 (Editors Choice)


What Is Gesture Technology?

Gesture technology is a movement-based interface which allows users to operate devices with a controller using various hand movements. Gesture technology has an advantage over normal control methods as it feels more intuitive and natural.

Moving your hand from side to side, and having a device respond to that movement is a lot better than having to fiddle around with directional buttons or throttles. Also, hand motions are easier to remember as opposed to memorizing various button combinations.

Gesture controls were previously only used in professional robots as these precise controls made operating these intricate machines easier. Now, BOT CARZ introduces gesture controls to the remote control car market with this new and exciting product.

Quick Overview Table



Red / Blue / Green

Car Battery Type

6V 400 mAH battery

Remote Battery Type (Not Included)

2 / 3 x 1.5 Volt AA Batteries

Average Play Time

20 minutes

Average Charge Time

150 - 180 minutes

Charger Type

USB Charger

Top Speed

20 Km / h

Maximum Control Distance

40 - 50 meters

Drive Type

4-Wheel Drive

Remote Frequency

2.5 Ghz / 5 Ghz

Control Modes

Watch Controller / Regular Controller


31 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm

Quick Verdict

BOT CARZ motion sensing robot RC is a highly innovative technology similar to Google’s Soli interface technology. It’s a great gift idea for those who are both young or young at heart. Enjoy the sight of this fascinating device follow your hand movements exactly. With the BOT CARZ RC, playing with remote-controlled cars will never be the same again.

Feature List

Below are some of the great features of this one-of-a-kind toy

Innovative Design

The futuristic design, along with the cool colors and LED lights, makes the BOT CARZ RC a fun toy to play with. BOT CARZ are designed to respond to your movements and will operate on almost any terrain. The wheels are made to grip surfaces efficiently, giving good control even in loose sand or dirt. Gesture controls, once limited only to high-end robots, now make their way to the remote-controlled car.

Innovative Design

Gravity Sensing Motion Controls

The BOT CARZ RC watch controller is able to sense the rotational, perpendicular, and lateral movements, and translates those motions into directional movement. This is what makes gesture controls so intuitive when it comes to RC cars.

Hand movements are a really natural way to operate remote controlled vehicles. Rather than memorizing what the movement sticks do, just move your hands forward and watch as the BOT car does the same. It’s this gesture control design, combined with the other different features highlighted below, that make this one of the best RC products on the market.

Lights and Music

The BOT car has several LED lights both on the wheels and the chassis that can be lit up during use. Lights can flicker depending on what the vehicle is actually doing, adding more enjoyment to your playtime.

The vehicle can also play music using speakers built into the chassis of the device itself. As mentioned, you do have the option to toggle these features on and off, but having them available makes using the BOT CARRZ RC more fun to play with.

Watch Control or Regular RC Controller Capable

Gesture commands can be used via the watch control included in the kit. Wear the watch controller on your wrist and use various hand movements to operate the BOT CARZ RC. If you don’t want to use the gesture commands, the package also comes with a standard RC controller featuring a forward and back throttle, along with a horizontal left and right movement stick. Use whatever control option that you feel comfortable with.

Watch Control or Regular RC Controller Capable

Multiple Terrain Use

Is your backyard unpaved? No problem. The BOT CARZ RC can traverse almost any kind of terrain, from loose gravel to asphalt roadways. The wheels have been designed to move efficiently over various surfaces, with grooves that give more traction and allow it to move easier on rough ground.

The BOT CARZ RC can change modes via a simple gesture that makes handling different areas a breeze. With this product’s ability to handle multiple terrain, you can take it almost anywhere. Whether you’re on a quick outing, or on a vacation, rest assured that the BOT CARZ RC can be used anywhere

45 Degree Tilt Climbing

With the BOT CARZ RC’s 4-wheel drive, even steep climbs don’t present a problem. The car can handle 45-degree angles and can move up and down such inclines with ease. With this device’s climbing ability, it can even go up steps.

This is made possible, not only by BOT CARZ’s wheel design, but also its powerful engine that gives it the boost necessary to move forward. Enjoy seeing the BOT CARZ RC go up and down areas that you never would have thought any remote-controlled car could venture.

Translational Drift

Control how your car turns by tilting your hand one way or another. With translational drift detection, your hand movements are mimicked directly and translates into left, right, or side to side directional shifting.

With the watch controls, moving a closed fist up or down makes the car to go forwards and backwards respectively. Tilting your fist from one side to the other causes the RC to turn left or right. You no longer need to rely on awkward stick controllers to operate your RC, though it’s still available if needed. You can also quickly shift from one control type to the other when required.

360 Degree Pattern Rotation

Unlike most remote-controlled cars that have to turn on a wide angle in order to circle around, BOT CARZ RC has the ability to turn 360 degrees on a simple gesture. Enjoy quick turning and better maneuverability with this vehicle’s rotation features.

To turn 360 degrees with the watch controls, just close your fist and move it in a circle. The car will turn clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your hand movements.

Bionic Spine Transformation

The center chassis of the BOT CARZ RC can move up or down when you raise or lower your palm accordingly. This transformation changes the car’s center of gravity and gives the wheels more height to enable it to handle rocky ground.

The bionic spine is a design choice that allows the device to move efficiently on different surfaces. Move the chassis higher when going over rocky areas, while make it stick closer to the ground in well paved roads to increase handling when going at faster speeds. The BIT CARZ RC can adapt depending on where you use it.

Double Sided Free Driving

Is your BOT CARZ RC tumbling about everywhere? No need to worry as the vehicle comes with double sided free driving. It doesn’t matter whether the car is upside down or right-side up, it can still move forwards or backwards just as easily.

Up to 50 Meters Control Range

The BOT CARZ RC can be controlled from a distance of about 40 to 50 meters away, giving you a long range of operation.

One Click Free Running Demonstration

Want to see what the BOT CARZ RC is capable of doing? Use the one-click free running demonstration tool and see it operate on its own. The vehicle has been programmed with a quick free run sequence to show the capabilities of this amazing device.

Setting the Bar

BOT CARZ motion-controlled car sets a new bar for RC design. This product certainly brings a lot of innovation to the table when it comes to playing with an RC. Try BOT CARZ for yourself and see how it changes the game when it comes to remote-controlled toys.

Do you have any thoughts about hand gesture technology, or the BOT CARZ RC itself? Do you have experiences with this device? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.