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Detailed Review of Moodo Aroma Diffuser: What is it/ How it Works/ Design/ Features/ Compatibility
moodo smart aroma diffuser
Updated: 22nd Sep 2020
Published: 23rd Sep 2020
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By Rohan Tandon

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  1. What is a Smart Diffuser?

  2. What is Moodo Aroma Diffuser?

  3. How does Moodo Work?

  4. Moodo Specifications

  5. Moodo Design

  6. Moodo Battery

  7. Moodo Fragrances

  8. Moodo Schedules

  9. Moodo App

  10. Moodo Voice Controls

  11. Moodo IFTTT Recipes

  12. About the Portable MoodoGo

  13. The Moodo Recycling Program

  14. Moodo Cost

  15. Verdict


Moodo is one of the latest smart home aroma diffusers to hit the market. Before Moodo came along, I wouldn’t have thought aroma diffusion necessarily needed a smart product. But, having used it for a while, I’m totally convinced and onboard — this smart aroma diffuser is refreshingly innovative, user-friendly, and effective. It certainly lives up to its name, allowing me to create different aroma signatures and moods for each part of the day. Currently, we’ve decided to wake up to citrus and sleep with soothing lavender.



Powerful and refreshing scents.

Refills are on the pricey side (although apparently last 60 days we cannot verify at this time)

Suitable for large spaces.

We would have preferred a fabric outer cover to fit in better with home interiors (Amazon Echo style?)

Extremely user-friendly.

The travel-sized MoodoGo has differently sized scent pods. Interchangeable would have been a preference. 

Scent pods can be bought as a part of a family or individually.


User-friendly smartphone app

Scheduling allows you to create different aroma moods at different times.

Compatible with most smart speakers.

What is a Smart Diffuser?

A smart diffuser is an aroma diffuser that’s compatible with your smart home. Like traditional aroma diffusers, a smart diffuser also has two primary purposes — purifying the air and releasing a fresh fragrance into the atmosphere. Smart diffusers perform those same core functions, but they can be controlled using smartphones and voice controls. Furthermore, smart diffusers can also be scheduled, and they interact with other smart home products, such as smart lamps, thermostats, etc.


What is Moodo Aroma Diffuser?

Moodo is a smart home aroma diffuser that can hold up to 4 different scent capsules simultaneously. The device is compatible with most smart speakers, including Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. You can control the device, set schedules, and change scents through smartphone apps or voice controls.

moodo smart aroma diffuser

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How does Moodo Work?

Moodo is a smart diffuser and air purifier. It includes a three-layered and True HEPA filter with activated carbon crystals and carbon foam. The True HEPA filter ensures that it only diffuses completely clean and healthy air. Furthermore, the fans gently blow through one or several of the fragrance capsules to disperse their chosen aroma. 

When you purchase your Moodo, you’ll also have to select the scent pods. Fortunately, they have a broad selection of scents — 32 overall. You can either select the scent pods individually or choose an aroma family, i.e., a collection of four aromas that go well together. After receiving the Moodo and scent pack, you have to install the desired scents into the four slots. Next, download and install the Moodo smartphone app.

The smartphone app is extremely user-friendly. You can mix the scents, browse through their existing combinations of scents, and change the scent schedules. You can also define different scent signatures for different times of the day, allowing you to create the ideal mood for each moment and time of day.

Moodo can also be used with voice controls, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and SmartThings. Voice commands are fairly simple — all you have to do is say things like, “Moodo start,” or “Moodo start [scent name].” It’s sort of like playing, shuffling, scheduling, or changing music, but you’re doing the same with scent! I suppose that’s what makes it so simple; the functionality isn’t much different from the kind of controls we’re already used to.

Moodo is also designed competently. I don’t much care for the cheap-looking exterior, especially since it clashes so evidently with the Echo and Google Home. But besides the design, its internal mechanisms are sound. Moodo includes a series of fans that gently blow the desired fragrances through the diffusion holes on the top. The device also includes a few simple buttons on the sides for manual controls.


Moodo Specifications

  • Measures 4” x 4.9” (height x width)
  • Covers an area up to 600 sq. ft.
  • Battery life up to 7 hours.
  • Battery recharge time of 4 hours. 
  • 32 fragrances divided into 11 ambiance families.
  • Functions as an air purifier and aroma diffuser.
  • The scent pods can be recycled.
  • Each scent pod lasts for up to 60 hours.
  • Compatible with most smart home platforms, including Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, SmartThings, and IFTTT.
  • Can be controlled through voice control or smartphone app.
  • Travel-sized options available, called MoodoGo.


Moodo Design

Moodo is a small table-top smart diffuser measuring 4” x 4.9”. The sides feature some buttons for manual controls, and the top features the four slots for fragrance capsules. While the design is functional and minimalist, it looks a bit cheap, and it doesn’t go very well with other compatible smart home devices, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. I would have liked them to incorporate a fabric design to harmonize it with the rest of our smart home aesthetics.

moodo aroma diffuser design


Moodo Battery

The Moodo smart diffuser can operate directly through a power source or a battery. It comes with a US or EU power cord, and you can also request a UK power cord. Besides the power cord, it also comes with a factory-installed rechargeable battery. The Moodo battery lasts for up to 7 hours without a power source, and the battery recharge time is 4 hours. You have enough flexibility to keep it anywhere you want, especially when you’re hosting guests, but I prefer keeping it next to a power source on the kitchen countertop because that’s just easier.


Moodo Fragrances

Moodo provides scent pods from Agan Aroma, Moodo’s parent company. All of the scent pods are custom-made for Moodo by French perfumers in Grasse, France. They’re alcohol-free, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and have a lifespan of up to 60 hours. That may not seem like a long time, but the scheduling feature allows you to use them optimally, only when people are around.

How long do the Moodo scent capsules last?

I do have a major issue with the lifespan. The Moodo device accommodates up to four fragrances together, and you can run one or multiple capsules simultaneously. The cost of each scent capsule is around $30, which means you’re spending $30 to $120 for just 60 hours of aroma. Depending on how much you use it, you may end up spending quite a lot on aroma, which seems pretty insane.

Having said that, I’m also conflicted about the true longevity of fragrances. The official website claims each fragrance lasts up to 60 hours, but I purchased the set because the product box claimed it lasts for 60 days. I haven’t yet used the scents for over 60 hours, so I don’t know which of these claims is accurate — 60 hours or 60 days?

Claiming 60 days would make more financial sense, but the two claims are in conflict, and I don’t yet know what’s accurate. I’ll update this article once I know more.

What are the available scents? What’s my favorite Moodo fragrance?

Currently, Moodo provides 32 scents, divided into 11 ambiance families, such as Aromatherapy, Beach Party, Winter, etc. Some of the individual fragrances are Orange Sunrise, Wood Royal, Lavender, Citrus Fresh, Sea Breeze, etc. When you purchase the Moodo, you can go through their collection to either choose a collective aroma family or select the scent pods individually.

I like the Aromatherapy collection, featuring Lavender, Citrus Fresh, Floral Musk, and Amber Marine. The citrus fresh is a great scent to wake up to, and the lavender helps us relax before bed. While Aromatherapy is my favorite collection, Sea Breeze is my favorite individual scent. I love the salty fresh scent of the sea floating through my living room.

You can also compile your own scent collection, so I highly recommend experimenting with some scents. Below, I’ve made a table with some of the noteworthy scent collections.


Limited Edition


Mediterranean Dreams

Beach Party

Fresh Vibrations


Midnight Thrill

Xmas Cookies

Spice Market

Sea Breeze

Wood Royale

Citrus Fresh

Grandma Vanilla

Xmas Tree

Amber Wood

Monoi de Tahiti


Floral Musk

Jaffa Clementine


Jaffa Clementine

Sweet Sand

Floral Magic

Amber Marine

Amber Marine

Snow Angels

Floral Musk

Amber Marine

Citrus Fresh

Check out all of the available refill packs on the Moodo shop

Some are also available on Amazon

What’s the best Moodo scent mixture?

Moodo has an innovative design that allows you to mix different scents together. The smartphone app provides complex mixing capabilities, allowing you to release different proportions of the available scents.

For example, you can release 75% of the Lavender scent and 25% of the Citrus Fresh scent. You can play around with the settings to become a perfumer, mixing and trying unique scent combinations. The smartphone app also suggests scent combinations for different moods.

My favorite scent mixture is a particular combination of the Lavender and Citrus scents.

moodo scent mix


Moodo Schedules

Moodo includes some pretty impressive scheduling features that allow you to increase the scent pods’ lifespan. You have two primary scheduling options — interval mode and smart schedule.

  • Interval Mode: You can create specific time intervals for the aroma diffusion.
  • Smart Schedule: You only have to set the aroma diffuser once, and then it automatically adjusts its schedule to ensure your home is scented at the correct time.

I’ve found both of these scheduling features extremely useful. After setting the schedules, I never have to adjust the fragrances anymore. The device automatically starts/stops and adjusts the fragrances according to my moods and time of the day. 

moodo schedule


Moodo App

Moodo can be controlled through the smartphone app for iOS and Android devices.

The Moodo app is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. It has a wide range of features, but it isn’t difficult to navigate. The following is an overview of Moodo’s features:

  • Control Moodo’s fragrances.
  • Mix different scent signatures to create a unique scent or mood.
  • Explore Moodo’s perfumer-developed preset mixtures for different moods.
  • Use the shuffle feature to change the scent combinations every 15 minutes.
  • Create unique scent schedules.
  • Engage the smart schedules feature to make it learn your routine.

moodo app


Moodo Voice Controls

Moodo is compatible with some of the world’s most popular and smartest platforms. It’s compatible with the world’s leading voice assistants, including Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Siri Shortcuts

You can activate the Siri Shortcuts feature on iOS 12+ devices: Settings > Siri & Search > Suggested Shortcuts > All Shortcuts.

The following is a list of possible Siri shortcuts:

  • Turn fans on or off.
  • Apply a favorite scent.
  • Increase or decrease scent intensity.
  • Enable or disable the shuffle feature.
  • Enable or disable the schedules.

Google Assistant

Moodo is compatible with Google Home and other Google Assistant devices. The following are some Google Assistant commands:

  • Power on/ off.
  • Start [scent family name].
  • Enable/ disable shuffle.
  • Enable/ disable interval.
  • Increase/ decrease intensity.
  • Increase/ decrease volume.
  • Increase/ decrease fans.
  • List my Moodo devices.

Amazon Alexa

Moodo is compatible with Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices. The following are some Alexa commands:

  • Power on/ off.
  • Start [scent family name].
  • Enable/ disable shuffle.
  • Enable/ disable interval.
  • Increase/ decrease intensity.
  • Increase/ decrease volume.
  • Increase/ decrease fans.


Moodo IFTTT Recipes

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free platform that allows you to set “recipes” to make various smart home devices interact with each other. The following are potential IFTTT recipes:

  • Engage Moodo at full speed just before you get home.
  • Turn Moodo off when you leave.
  • Turn Moodo on when you get up.
  • Receive a text message when Moodo turns on/ off.
  • Receive a text when your favorite fragrance is used.


About the Portable MoodoGo

We'll be honest, at first, we couldn't think of a use for this little device. But then we realised the perfect situation to use it. The car! It fits perfectly in the drinks holder as if this was made to be there and you can switch it off as you leave. Easy as pie. 

 The device is also compact and lightweight enough to go with you on your travels. It’s powered by a simple USB cable, and you can easily adjust the fragrance via the smartphone app. MoodoGo is currently only available in four scents — Sea Breeze (my favourite), Grandma Vanilla, Orange Sunrise, and Wood Royale.

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moodogo go aroma diffuser


The Moodo Recycling Program

Moodo is an eco-friendly aroma diffuser with a recycling program that aims to reduce waste. The recycling service is available to all Moodo and MoodoGo owners for free. You can return the used capsules to the company for no additional cost, and they’ll repackage and sell the capsules on their website. The user doesn’t have to bear any of the costs, especially since the company also provides a pre-paid shipping label and packaging. However, to enhance efficiency and reduce pollution, the users are encouraged to pack at least 12 to 16 capsules within a single envelope before returning them to Moodo.

Moodo Cost

  • Moodo Smart Diffuser: $129.90
  • Moodo Scent Pods: 30.93 per 4-pack scent collection
  • MoodoGo Portable Diffuser: $49.02
  • MoodoGo Scent Pods: $7.76 per scent pod



I think Moodo is a pretty brilliant smart diffuser that’s incredibly simple to use, efficient, and effective. I haven’t gone scent-blind even though I’ve been using it for a few days now, and my family especially loves that we can automate different scents for different times of the day. We love waking up to fresh lemony citrus scents, and the lavender scent has made us all sleep a lot better. The only problem I have is the cost of refills — based on their 60 hours run-time, I’ve estimated that we’ll need to spend about $20 a month on fragrances, which seems a bit steep. But then again, I’ve been using it loads — you may feel differently about the cost.

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