Showpa the Video Aggregator That Could Disrupt the Streaming Industry

Revolutionize your streaming experience! With the fantastic Showpa, keeping up with your favorite movies and TV shows will be a breeze.
Showpa Review
Published: 6th Apr 2021
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By Ricky Harewood

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We’ve come a long way since the time we waited for our favorite movie to premiere on our TVs or cinemas. Nowadays, many people turn to streaming services that curate their content and allow them to watch hundreds of TV shows and movies on multiple devices – all at the click of a button. But with so many platforms vying for your subscription, it can be challenging to decide on the right one. As a result, reaching your desired content in all the clutter of internet streaming services can take quite some time.

Thankfully, your experience is about to get that much smoother. Say hello to Showpa, your guide to aggregating flicks and series and making them readily accessible! This groundbreaking streaming service will make your life much easier.

How Does Showpa Work?

Showpa was founded by a student at USC Marshall School of Business, Scott Englar. While developing this terrific program, Scott’s vision was to offer worldwide audiences easier access to their best-loved movies and series, and this is exactly what the app provides!

Showpa goes through the content of the most popular streaming platforms to provide users a well-organized view of the available film and TV shows. By keeping all content in one place, Showpa saves you the struggle of navigating multiple services to find what you’re after.

The app lets you apply several filters to your search to help you arrive at your destination even sooner. For instance, you can filter by genre, streaming provider, and type of content. This curates your experience according to your access and interest, offering a clear view of major streaming services.

There are even more benefits coming your way if you set up an account. Once you’ve selected the platforms and preferred genres, Showpa can list only the available content and prioritizes movies and TV shows you want to check out.

Using the search box, you can quickly locate your content to see which streamers air the desired movie or TV show. Even if you’re entering hard-to-spell titles, the recommendation and auto-fill functions will expedite the process.

After searching for an entry, the results page will give you a list of services streaming the content, how you can rent it online, and when the next live TV airing will take place (if appropriate). You’ll also see the platforms you’ve already subscribed to, displayed first on the list. Plus, all the options will contain a link to the official streamer’s website.

You also get a glimpse of the future with Showpa, owing to the “Launching and Leaving’’ section. As the name suggests, it gives you insight into the entries arriving on or leaving a streaming service in the near future. As a result, you can watch the departing titles before they disappear, effectively eliminating the surprise factor. Or, you can plan for the arrival of new releases before they reach the platform and coordinate them with the existing content. Showpa thus allows you to plan your binge sessions and lazy weekends well in advance with a schedule of new content. Overall, Showpa will be your first stop when looking for an easy way to stream a film or TV show. By gathering information from the leading platforms in one place, you can choose which streaming service suits you best and head directly to the website.

How Does Showpa Work
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Why Video Aggregators Could Disrupt the Streaming Service

The amount of available online content has dramatically increased, and users are spending countless hours on their streaming services. However, the complexity of finding the desired content has also increased. Native streamers, mostly filled with linear TV content, are competing with OTT (over-the-top) services, resulting in tons of overlapping content. Consequently, viewers need to subscribe to multiple providers to access original content.

With a video aggregator, such as Showpa, users won’t be forced to waste hours on end flipping between their streaming apps in their quest for new movies and episodes. As the name suggests, this service combines content from various streaming platforms on your behalf and automatically tells you if the platform contains the desired series or film. Therefore, video aggregators could disrupt the streaming industry by offering a universal experience, making them more user-friendly than OTT providers.

Why Video Aggregators Could Disrupt the Streaming Service
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Apps like Showpa render search functions that span multiple streaming services, ensuring a more efficient way of scouring the internet for video content. There are also personalized recommendations that match the user’s viewing habits, importing the all-important features from HBO Go, Netflix, and other platforms. Another neat addition is the ability to check out what certain streaming platforms provide before subscribing to their service. Thus, you can save a lot of money without shooting in the dark and paying for the service that will prove subpar or useless altogether.

Considering all the advantages video aggregators bring to the table, it’s easy to see why they may become an integral part of the streaming industry. If the number of OTT platforms keeps rising, services like Showpa will become indispensable. Consumers will need to include these apps in their assortment to avoid the hassle of going through dozens of streamers just to find a single TV show or movie.

Why Do We Need This Type of Service in Our Lives?

An app that will guide you through your streaming platforms is a must for many reasons. Primarily, it prevents you from wasting time ferreting through two or three streaming services in the quest for the coveted show or movie. For example, Showpa will help you find the content you’re after, avoid aimlessly listing the entries in your queue, and give you updates on new films and series. This is a lot faster than first opening Netflix and then going through Hulu to see if there’s anything worth watching.

Another great thing about video aggregators is the lowered transaction cost. Many apps not only offer you a search engine across various services, but also reduced transaction costs. Your subscription fees are bundled into one, less expensive package.

Since the streaming platforms market is saturated, users feel anxious when deciding on their streaming platforms and choosing one over another. By providing a single fee for all your streaming platforms, you wouldn’t be stressed by making your decision. Instead, the transactional friction would be reduced, making this model more cost-efficient for the consumers.

Video streaming aggregators are also simple and easy to use since most of the aggregation takes place automatically, with minimal input required from you. Accordingly, navigating the platforms is an effortless way to achieve significant results. Content aggregation optimizes content curation and gives you simple access to a bunch of handy features. They eliminate the need to scour multiple websites to reach the desired movies or TV shows.

On top of that, aggregators contain tons of customizability options to further enhance your experience. You can modify your recommendations and find out only about the content you’re interested in. This is where filters and your input come into play. By feeding your streaming aggregator with relevant information about your content, you can tailor the platform to your preferences and make the most of your viewing experience.

Why Do We Need This Type of Service in Our Lives

There’s No Going Wrong With Showpa

It’s time to stop wandering through endless queues on your streaming platforms to find just one hit TV show or film you’re dying to see. Instead, why not streamline your viewing experience with Showpa?

The platform curates the content from all your favorite streaming services and goes through each one to come up with personalized recommendations. The app is your first stop when looking for films and series. With Showpa, you won’t spend hours on end going through dozens of genres across several streamers to pinpoint your desired content. Instead, enter the name of the entry, check out which streaming services offer the content, and you’ll be taken straight to the preferred website.

Showpa is arriving on Android and iOS this spring! So, prepare to say goodbye to endless queue times and take your viewing experience up a notch.